Short hairstyles for over 70 with glasses are light, proportional, maximally natural. They really simplify every day care ritual, need less shampoo and other products such as mousse or conditioner. The main thing is to choose the right hairdo for this age.

The main weapon of a woman – her hair – literally loses its amazing power over the years. With age, not only youth leaves, but, unfortunately, beauty that remains only on the photos. But even after that, a woman must remain a woman. Therefore, it has a truly magical power – the ability to remain stylish and attractive for any number of years.

What are the details of a well-thought image? Here are some important aspects:

  • type of hair,
  • color: natural or dyed;
  • shape and features of the face,
  • height and shape.

Benefits of short hairstyles for 70 year old woman with glasses include:

  • easy to wash and dry, which allows you to always look stylish and well-groomed;
  • allow applying a lot of styling products; however, in many cases you can do without them and at the same time look stylish and elegant;
  • have an obvious “minus 3 years” effect;
  • distract attention away from glasses.

Read several observations about the ladies over seventy years who are in search of better look:

  • Women with a slim figure who opted for a pixie or very short modern grading were 100% right.
  • A classic bob with an even bang looks strict, respectable, and harmonious with a respectable age. The hairstyle implies some romantics, if you suddenly decide to remember the youth and forget about you grandchildren and home duties.
  • In older age, some ladies are disappointed to notice that their once just impressive locks are far behind youth time. You need to try to make a fashionable, beautiful hairstyle on thin locks. Trust the classics. The traditional bob gives room for improvisation. If desired, style it with a hair dryer and a brush, or make beautiful waves, winding strands on curlers.
  • Choose volume haircuts with bangs such as cascade. They will immediately take away 10 years or more. Your glasses can be also very stylish and you will look as Jane Fonda or Joan Collins. Why not? Who said that only celebrities have the right to look impressive and fresh?
  • It seems that age today does not matter at all. It is more important how you feel yourself in this world, if you have a desire to develop and improve. And although nowadays medicine allows prolonging youth and maintain beauty, with age some irreversible changes happen in the body. It is very important to have an appearance in slight accordance with the age. Otherwise you will only look ridiculous and inappropriate. A haircut suitable for a 20-year-old girl will barely take away some years from a woman over 70, but emphasize skin flaws and focus on wrinkles.

Throw away fashionable wigs etc. that don’t make you natural. Long and medium lengths are also below the line: gray and bleak hair is not good for such bold experiments. So the most obvious choice is a short haircut. With its help, you can revitalize the appearance with glasses, and add special charm.