The bob haircut can be rightly called a trendsetter. It is light, neat, feminine and practical – it will appeal to a huge number of women with short or medium length hair. Over time the haircut itself also changed its shape, one of its modifications is a layered bob, which came into fashion in the early 90-ies and for many seasons has not lost its relevance.

What is a layered bob?

The very name of the haircut already speaks for itself. Gradation – the main element of this hairstyle. The hair is cut unevenly, in layers – they should have a different length in the end. Haircut, in fact, combines the classic bob and the well-known “ladder” or “cascade. The hairstyle turns out clearly structured, multi-stage.

The staircase can have different length, number of steps and start in any place. The strands lie not on one line, but have several different directions and outlines. This allows on the basis of one haircut to create several images. An experienced master will be able to choose the right form, which will become a real decoration, will help to correct possible flaws of the face and the hair itself, will create the right image.

Advantages of the bob haircut:

  • hairstyle practical – requires a minimum amount of time for styling and long holds its shape;
  • the haircut is versatile – suitable for both straight and curly locks;
  • gives the image of a natural, relaxed and easy;
  • helps to hide minor facial flaws;
  • it is enough to renew the haircut every 1-2 months;
  • allows you to make the image stylish and bright.
short layered bob haircut

Stages of creating a haircut

Bob belongs to the category of haircuts of medium complexity, so the hairdresser must have a sufficient level of skill and experience. From the outside it may seem that the hairstyle is not created according to a clearly defined scheme, but chaotically, but this assumption is erroneous.

So, let’s consider the technique:

  • Pre-wet the hair – it should be wet;
  • We divide the strands with a vertical parting at the crown, and then we extend it lower to the neck line;
  • We fasten the side curls with clips for convenience;
  • Using two diagonal strips, we separate the bottom strands at the back of the head and, having measured the desired length, we cut them with a straight cut;
  • Starting from the middle and going to the sides;
  • Using parallel diagonal sections we separate the new locks and cut them in the same way;
  • Continue with the same technique, going higher and higher, and trimming the back of the head completely;
  • Then the curls at the back of the head are cut vertically, pulling them back perpendicular to the head and cutting the ends diagonally with the scissors;
  • Moving on to the temples, where we make an arched parting, take a temporal strand and cut the desired length, slightly turning its edge outwards;
  • Using the same technique, we trim the entire temporal part and repeat on the opposite side;
  • The strands on the vertex are distributed to the sides and cut in the same way as the temporal area;
  • Comb the bangs (if any) and cut them obliquely or straight.

Who the layered bob suits

The layered bob can be unmistakably considered a universal haircut, as it has several options, and any girl can always choose the shape that suits her, depending on the structure of curls and face type.

Multistage complex haircut gives curls extra volume and puffiness, which is especially important for very thin and sparse hair. Such a bob will create the appearance of a thick bob. Owners of such hairstyles can also afford this hairstyle, for this during the haircut should be filleting on the tips, which will make the strands more elegant and thin. The form of hair as a result will be softer and more streamlined.

A layered bob will help to level out some of the disadvantages of the face. For example, women who have too wide forehead or prominent cheekbones, can hide them thanks to this haircut, making longer strands at the face. Owners of round and full face are advised to give preference to a middle length haircut to visually slightly stretch the oval. Girls with an oval face and correct features can safely experiment and choose any length.

In order to correctly pick up the shape of the haircut, it is necessary to ask for help from an experienced master, it will advise a suitable length, location of the steps and their number, otherwise there is a great risk of spoiling the entire image.

Styling options

A stylish businesswoman or a cheerful student, an elegant lady or a gentle beauty – the layered bob haircut is extremely versatile and allows you to create countless different images.

For this purpose, it is enough to arrange the hair in a special way. If the haircut was originally performed correctly, then it will not be difficult to do the styling yourself, you just need to arm yourself with a hair dryer, comb or brush and styling products.

Three variants of styling:

  1. A classic option for every day – lay the curls with a brushing and a hair dryer, slightly twisting the ends of the strands inward and creating volume at the roots. It looks simple and very elegant at the same time.
  2. To create a rigorous and business casual look you need to apply a small amount of gel to your hair and comb the hair back, If there are bangs, it can be stacked sideways or also retracted back.
  3. A layered bob is a great base for a casual ruffled hairstyle. To do this you need to treat the strands with a styling agent and arrange them in a chaotic manner with your fingers.

The multilayered bob haircut is able to give any woman a special charm and glamour, the main thing is to choose the right shape and length. During the next visit to the beauty salon you can safely try to make such a hairstyle, because it is truly universal and versatile, suitable for any type of face, hair of different structure and all kinds of images.