Sometimes the owners of not too thick hair think that short haircuts they categorically do not suit. This opinion is incorrect. The layered haircut on thin hair will visually give the desired volume and make any image truly chic and sophisticated.

Features of the haircut in layers

The whole essence of this hairstyle is in the strands of different lengths, which “overlap” each other. Thus, visually the hairstyle looks puffy and “airy”. In addition, with short hair you can easily make various hairstyles. The imperfection of the hair is hidden behind the alternating strands, and the hair looks well-groomed and healthy. Multilayered haircuts are relevant on thin and thick hair (straight, wavy and curly).

The very technique of creating these hairstyles is as follows: the master creates layered hair with the help of “alternate” trimming of the hair. The hair is divided into several layers (horizontal partings) and cut at right angles.

Who is it suitable for?

In fact, such hairstyles are quite universal, that is why every woman can find “her” variant. The age does not matter. Haircuts in layers visually correct the proportions of the face and hide its flaws.

  1. Round-faced young ladies will suit multilayered hairstyles on medium and long hair. Visually “stretches” the face with elongated asymmetric bangs with ragged edges, but one should avoid a straight parting.
  2. For triangular and square shape of the face it is necessary to choose variants with elongated bangs (up to the chin or in the “region” of the cheekbones).
  3. Owners of oval face shape are suitable for all variants of layered haircuts (on long, medium and short hair).

Let’s choose a voluminous hairstyle

Layered hairstyles are excellent for business ladies who adhere to an active lifestyle. Such haircuts are easy to style and relevant to any image (from romantic to sporty). The strands of layers on the short hair look playful and flirty. They noticeably “young” mature ladies, and young coquettes give a unique charm and sophistication. Popular haircuts with layers can include the following.


A popular and “refreshing” hairstyle without age restrictions. The technique of its execution involves shortened strands at the nape of the neck and elongated curls on the crown. It perfectly looks on the straight thin hair. Owners of thick hair can choose this multilayered haircut with elongated bangs. Pixies are usually chosen by ladies with thin facial features.

Pixie suits women of all ages and social status.

Graduated bob

Suitable for the bold and adventurous young ladies. The essence of the haircut is the transition from long strands to short. It can be smooth or, on the contrary, sharp. Such a hairstyle is suitable for fine hair. It perfectly gives the desired volume and is very easy to style. Simply blow dry your hair and apply a little mousse. Then ruffle the hair slightly. A bob with an elongated braid perfectly masks the non-ideal facial proportions and problematic skin areas.

A graduated bob looks simply stunning on hair of different shades.


The combination of “classic” and stylish “carelessness” is perfectly suitable for ladies with thick hair. The bob-care is a multi-layered haircut, which is characterized by long strands in the face and shortened hair in the back. Thus, long curls perfectly frame the face. Smooth transition of the strands looks very fashionable and stylish. The haircut is quite voluminous and easy to style.

Bob-caret gives any feminine image of spontaneity.

short haircut with layers


The master begins to cut the strands from the back of the head, gradually moving to the crown. The haircut is suitable for thin and thick hair, it is also relevant for the owners of curly and wavy hair. Cascade perfectly holds the volume, and the hairstyle does not require professional styling.

Cascade on short hair looks amazing.


As we have already found out, layered haircuts are very easy to style, but you can also create a masterpiece out of a short hairstyle. For example, for voluminous styling of a haircut graduated bob we need:

  • hair dryer with a special nozzle for volume;
  • brush with natural bristles;
  • hair styling products (mousse and polish);
  • small clips.

Wash the hair and apply foam. We take a hair dryer with a nozzle and start to give volume to the bottom strands. The rest of the hair while fixing with clips. Then with the round brush give volume to the hair at the back of the head. Take a few central strands and make a comb. Next, when all the “layers” we have given the desired volume, we fix the styling with varnish.

Also this hairstyle involves the use of curlers. Moisten the hair and curl the strands that allow the length of the curlers. Let the hair dry and carefully remove the devices for curling hair. Comb the hair and fix it with hairspray.