The choice of the best hair color for 70 year old woman, as well as a way to dye, is a not an easy task. After all, the lady should like it and forget about that annoying gray!

It’s possible to change color at home. Doing this a woman saves a lot of time on her visit to beauty salon, as wells as a certain amount of money. But home care has its negative side: it makes the hairstyle heavy, monotonous, and emphasizes the age. Another problem is how to choose a right shade? Wrong choice is the most common mistake when coloring hair at home. There are cold and warm shades, be aware of this fact. The first ones enhance the pale complexion and visually add several years. Warm tones, on the contrary, make appearance much younger and more attractive than that of her peers.

Main Tips & Tricks:

  • When masking gray hair, one crucial rule should be followed: the older is the woman, the lighter hair color should be used. If the gray hair occupies not more than one third of the total look, then you need to choose a dye one tone lighter than natural color.
  • In the beauty salons, you can choose several options for the most interesting and attractive solutions, for example, to make the tips of the hair a few tones lighter than the roots.
  • Since women after 70 rarely opt for a drastic change of their image, hairdressers offer to use one or two contrasting colors. Copper,  honey, or wheat tones would be great with several darker accents.
  • An adult woman virtually always chooses such a shape and color, which would be appropriate anywhere, and would fit under any clothes. However, hairstyle should correspond to the age and position of the woman in society.
  • If the woman has very sensitive skin, she should avoid red hues, for example, such as mahogany, pomegranate, cherry.
  • Individual features of eyes and skin, natural hair color are major factors in the process. If you are the owner of a skin with a pinkish tint, it is better to choose cool tones for the hair, for example, sandy or ash blond. Or, on the contrary, if your skin is of warm tone, choose reddish and golden shades. Owners of gray and blue eyes are not recommended to dye their hair in dark colors to visually underline wrinkles. Those who have brown eyes should avoid about  gold, copper and orange.

So be ready for the experiment with best hair color for 70 year old woman. Go ahead!