Nowadays hairstyles for grey hair over 70 make up headlines of beauty blogs and glossy magazines. The color of the hair depends on the pigment: it can be light, dark, or reddish. Over the years, the pigment is vanishing and the hair becomes grey or white. Some people turn grey early, and the reason for this is to be found in the genes. If your parents are greying in their 20-s or 30-s, most likely you will have the first white strands in young years. Anyway, almost all women over 70 have grey or white hair. It’s not a problem at all, but the question of a proper styling is really a very crucial one.

Go natural!

Hairdo and color visually influence the total look of a female adding or taking away several years – this is obvious! Moreover, in the elegant age snowy strands are not a reason for panic at all. This is a natural process and nobody can stop it. Women in 40-s consider silver hair to be a tragedy and try to dye it in platinum blond, bronze, chestnut and hundreds of other fashionable shades. However, according to new statistics, almost half of women over 40 prefer staying as they are. For those who decided not to go against organic processes, there are lots of options on how to look fresh and trendy.

Here are some tips from professionals on how to choose proper hairstyles for grey hair for women over 70:

  • TIP 1: Short cut. The structure of grey hair is different so hairstyles with long grey hair can look sloppy. Therefore, short haircuts are more organic. It is easier to take care of the locks, and they keep the shape better. Symmetrical square is really a win-win option. Pixie haircuts are more complicated in styling, but they look very interesting.
  • TIP 2: Forget about braids! There are some variants that don’t go along with grey hair – these are strict bundles and all kinds of weaving. In combination with white strands, braids can look a bit funny.
  • TIP 3: Accents in make-up. Rosy lips, deep eyes and well-defined eyebrows are an absolute must-do for an owner of silver hair. Details in make-up increase the effect, allowing looking younger and fresher.

If you wonder what the best choice is, you can apply to a professional hairdresser or surf the web. If you decide that cutting and curling are not enough, you may give them a shine or a silvery shade with a special shampoo or conditioner.