A woman can be attractive at any age, and there is much evidence for this. Sometimes, looking at our idols from the movie industry and show business, we are amazed at how young and fresh they look. Of course, the appeal is result of many details, but a properly selected haircut itself transforms any woman. Below, we will talk about some principles of choosing short hairstyles for 65 year-old woman that take away her years.

Tips & Tricks Of Stylish Look

  • Take into account your individual features. All women are different. And what looks gorgeous on one can hopelessly spoil the other. This principle also works when you think about short hairstyles for 65 year-old woman. It is important to pay attention to a number of factors, for example, age, hair color, face shape and complexion, condition of hair, skin and body. In order not to make a mistake, visit the beauty salon and consult with an experienced stylist.
  • Long straight hair looks great until 35-40, and then this image will visually add several years. Therefore, opt only for shorter variants.
  • Skin condition also does matter. Deep wrinkles on the forehead can successfully be hidden by the bangs. Examine the shape of the face as well structure of your hair to check whether bangs are right for you.
  • What haircuts will make you younger? Nowadays a top option is square: it can be both with a bang, and without, with asymmetric edges of different length and shape. Due to the variety in performance, these haircuts fit any age. Cascade also does not go out of fashion and allows you to create voluminous multi-layered hairstyles. Its major benefit is that it adds volume, and with proper mousse or liquid creates an effect of slight mess.
  • Haircuts for adult women are sometimes quite bold. For example, a Garson haircut changes a woman very much, transforming her and making her younger, but only if it fits to her. Therefore, before deciding on such a radical step, it is better to consult a beauty specialist.
  • There is another universal solution in our list, namely the bob. It is really a charming variant and can be performed on both grey and colored hair.  

Thinking about new image for females of 65 years, it is important to remember: at this age, the hair becomes brittle and bleak. Therefore, often hairdressers recommend to select a short haircut with smooth cuts and graduation. A short haircut as a solution opens to you quite a lot of options, ranging from very feminine and ending with quite bold. Just remember that haircuts with volume at the back of the head a visual effect of “pulling up” the face and filling you with charm.